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With sound systems, value is the hightest performance and highest quality at the lowest cost.

Lowest cost alone is rarely the best value.

Improper design and implementation of the system is NEVER the best value.

Poll Sound - specializing in the highest value systems obtainable anywhere.

Designing AV Systems, It's what we've been doing for 90 years!

Our Design team is the perfect solution for helping you determine the best audio visual system for your venue. Consult with our design team to get accurate specifications for your audio and visual integration. Our team will take measurements and use complex computer modeling software to determine the best system for your venue.

What's more, the team has particular experience with architecturally challenging spaces, such as Utah's State Capitol, the Salt Lake Temple and other historic buildings. In addition, we bring years of knowledge in digital signal processing and control system programming.

We've got you covered with offices in Salt Lake City and in Saint George Utah we can handle any job you throw at us with ease!


Our installation department is capable of professionally installing and integrating audio and visual equipment into your existing venue or a new construction project. We install audio visual Equipment in many different types of venues such as churches, convention centers, arenas, conference rooms, etc. No matter how large, small, old or new your venue is Poll Sound will be able to provide a clean and professional installation of your AV Equipment.

  • CTS Certified
  • Crestron Certified
  • AMX Certified
  • Extron Certified
  • Innovative Electronic Designs (IED) GLOBALCOM Certified

Optimization and Tuning

Using Precision Alignment and Tuning technology referred to as PAaT and our complex computer modeling software and hardware we are able to recreate the obstacles of your venue and determine the correct placement and tuning of loudspeakers to ensure complete and even coverage of the entire venue. This creates an acoustically rich environment and allows for everyone attending the show to hear the music and dialog of each performance.

Software Used for Tuning:

  • TEF
  • EASERA SysTune
  • Smaart Live
  • Room Capture
  • ARTA
  • Ariel DSP
  • StudioSix Digital
  • Embedded Acoustics
  • Faber Acoustics

Hardware Used for Tuning:

  • TEF 10, TEF 20, TEF 25
  • Duran D-Audio
  • USBPre
  • StudioSix Digital
  • Ariel Card
  • Ivie IE-30, PC-40, IE-35, IE-45
  • Audio Toolbox
  • NTI Analyzers and Generators
  • Microphones - B&K 4007, Josephson, Ivie, Beyer, Earthworks, Aco-Pacific, Crown, LMS

A Few Reasons to Choose Poll Sound:

Ninety years of experience goes a long way during equipment installation. At Poll Sound, we'll draw upon our practiced methods and extensive skills to install your equipment, so you have the confidence and assurance that every job is done right. Thriving on the complexities of system integration, Poll Sound installers are the best in the industry. They'll provide you with the flawless design and skilled installation required to create audio visual perfection. They demonstrate particular skill when tuning sound systems. Marrying science with art, these installation experts produce audible improvements in sound quality.

Our staff goes through extensive factory and "in-house" training so that we can know the intricate details of our systems. We also provide training on how to best apply this knowledge for practical uses. Our staff really pays attention to the details, which we feel can make a huge difference. Our staff is not only factory trained but our company spends a tremendous amount of time with our own on-going training including instruction from many industry leaders.

Two recent technologies have revolutionized the optimization of sound systems. Unlike older practices where much of the system's potential is wasted, these new technologies extract maximum performance from all sound system components. PAaT (Precision Alignment and Tuning) describes optimization of electro-acoustic systems at every stage of implementation, from design, to installation, to alignment, to mechanical tuning, to electrical tuning. MPC (Multi-Point Commonality) is a procedure for tuning sound systems that considers the entire listening area and not just a single point. Of all tuning methods developed, MPC usually yields the best results. It is the most effective way to tune line arrays. Poll Sound is an active practitioner and advocate of these new technologies.

Poll Sound has exclusive dealership to some of the best and most well know equipment manufacturers out there such as: D&B audiotechnik, L-Acoustics, SSL, Yamaha, Duran Audio Intellevox, and many more. You can rest assured knowing that our integration experts will be designing and installing the best equipment that is available at the best price!

Helping to Continue the Legacy

Helping to Continue the Legacy

No doubt many of you have seen it from I-15 over the past two years as it has been rising out of the ground in Sandy. Yes, we're talking about the new Hale Centre Theatre. Poll Sound was honored to be chosen as the exclusive audio contractor for this large and unique project by CEO Mark Dietlein, and Sound Designer Dan Morgan. Large from the standpoint of the raw 130,000 square fee...
Lake Controller V5.8 with Surface Pro 3 Windows 10

Lake Controller V5.8 with Surface Pro 3 Windows 10

After spending a day and a half of pulling my hair out trying to get Lake Controller V5.8 installed on my new Surface Pro 3 I felt like I should write this up so that I can hopefully save someone else the pain and suffering that I incurred. Getting it working on a Surface Pro 3 with Windows 10 is not that hard, its just very poorly documented and thus the inspiration for this article. Pref...
OptEQ SynAudCon - Optimized System Tuning

OptEQ SynAudCon - Optimized System Tuning

Poll Sound is proud to have had the opportunity to participate in the OptEQ SynAudCon seminar that was hosted at the American Airlines Training Center in Ft. Worth earlier this year. Poll Sounds own Deward Timothy was a guest presenter along with John Murray and the seminar host Pat Brown. Poll Sound takes training very seriously and firmly believes that there is a very scientific way for achievin...

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