Lake Controller V5.8 with Surface Pro 3 Windows 10

Posted by: Tyler Robinson - Systems Tech on March 14, 2016

After spending a day and a half of pulling my hair out trying to get Lake Controller V5.8 installed on my new Surface Pro 3 I felt like I should write this up so that I can hopefully save someone else the pain and suffering that I incurred. Getting it working on a Surface Pro 3 with Windows 10 is not that hard, its just very poorly documented and thus the inspiration for this article.

As I'm sure is the case with many of you reading this article, you probably have an inventory of Lake Contours, Mesa EQ's, Dolby Lakes, etc. All of which are not supported in Lake Controller releases past V5.8, having these devices in our rental inventory and many installations we still find the need to interface and use them. Our old Motion Computing tablet has been on it's last leg for a while and finally the digitizer bit the dust rendering it useless for Lake Controller purposes; this pushed me into buying a fancy new Surface Pro 3.

After upgrading the tablet to Windows 10 I promptly proceeded to install both the latest version of Lake Controller and version 5.8. Both installations installed without a hitch and I figured everything would be great, Lake Controller V6.4 opened and worked perfectly as it should however after opening V5.8 I ran into all sorts of problems. It would open but would freeze the computer up and cause it to crash. I then decided that I could run version 5.8 in a virtual machine running XP Tablet PC Edition however both Virtual Box and VM Ware did not have powerful enough GPU's to run it. I tried several different types of VM's and just couldn't get a truly seamless working installation of it. But finally I found buried deep in the Lake Controller V5.8 manual the Command Line Options which after some fiddling allowed me to get it working natively in Windows 10 on the Surface.

Getting Lake Controller V5.8 running on Windows 10 is really quite easy, it just took me forever to figure it out, this should help you get it up and running in a matter of minutes.

1. Download Lake Controller V5.8 HERE
2. Install Lake Controller
3. Right Click on the Desktop Shortcut and go to Properties
4. Navigate to the Shortcut Tab
5. In the "Target" Field you will see the path to the Lake Controller V5.8 program, this path should be in parenthesis, you need to add the following text to the end of the field outside of the parenthesis with a space between the parenthesis and this text. nonfullscreen
6. Now navigate to the Compatibility Tab
7. Check the the checkbox that says "Run this program as an administrator"
8. Click Apply and then OK.
9. Lake Controller should now run normally by clicking the shortcut. It will not work if you try running it from the main directory.

If that does not work then try changing the "nonfullscreen" text out for the following text "emulation". If that doesn't work then please contact us and we would be willing to help troubleshoot. You can also open the Lake Controller Operation Manual which can be found in the documentation folder in the Lake Controller 5.8 program files directory, section 22 talks about the Command Line Tools and gives you an explanation for all of the possible options. I would think that this solution should work on the Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, Windows 8.1 or any other tablet that has decent graphics and CPU hardware but I have not tested it yet.

Lake Controller V5.8 with Surface Pro 3 Windows 10 Lake Controller V5.8 with Surface Pro 3 Windows 10 Lake Controller V5.8 with Surface Pro 3 Windows 10

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