Helping to Continue the Legacy

Posted by: - on September 5, 2017

No doubt many of you have seen it from I-15 over the past two years as it has been rising out of the ground in Sandy. Yes, we're talking about the new Hale Centre Theatre.

Poll Sound was honored to be chosen as the exclusive audio contractor for this large and unique project by CEO Mark Dietlein, and Sound Designer Dan Morgan. Large from the standpoint of the raw 130,000 square feet of space the theatre covers, and unique from an audio perspective as this is not your normal, put in a bunch of ceiling speakers and call it good, type of building.

One of the first challenges came in the form of wireless microphones and intercom. The new facility has two stages consisting of a main theatre in-the-round as they have had all along, and a proscenium thrust stage, (PT stage) which is the "normal" stage set-up we are all used to.
Between these two theatre's there will be 70 channels of wireless (36 main stage and 34 PT stage), 24 channels of wireless intercom, all handled with 59 antennas located throughout. This equals 94 channels of wireless between the two stages! Separation and coordination was crucial. To make this happen smoothly Poll Sound contacted James Stoffo, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Radio Active Designs, and, in our humble opinion, an outright RF genius. James has done RF coordination for Superbowls, NBA Finals and more. He is one of the best RF coordinators in the business and we have had the honor and opportunity of working with him on this project. It has been an amazing experience to watch him coordinate the RF for this facility.

To also make our jobs easier, Dan Morgan chose to go with the new Shure Axient Digital System for wireless, (the ADX transmitters with ShowLink Control), Radio Active Designs or RAD for their wireless intercom and ClearCom as their hardwired intercom. Collecting all of the inputs from the wireless, Yamaha consoles were chosen. A Yamaha CL5 will handle duties in the PT theatre, and Yamaha's flagship, the PM10 will effortlessly handle the main stage theatre.

Rounding all of this out, fittingly, L-Acoustics was chosen as the main speaker system in both theatre's. L-Acoustics coaxial boxes X12, X8, and 5XT's will be installed in the PT theatre, while a combination of the coaxial boxes and ARCS will be in the main theater. L-Acoustics SB Series subwoofers will handle the rumble in both theatre's. Obviously, there are many other brands of gear installed, these are just a few of the highlights. We don't have the time nor the space to get into all of them. (Maybe a follow up article or blog once all the dust settles!)

Our install team has many feathers in their cap for jobs well done in the valley and throughout the state. We feel this will be another one! Our install team is second to none in their ability, skill level, design expertise, experience and heart.

Chita Rivera, American actress, dancer and singer, known best for her roles in musical theatre, said, "It's communication that's what theatre is all about." We couldn't agree more. Having a properly designed, installed, tuned audio system will allow that communication to happen. The legacy of the Hale Centre Theatre began in 1933 when Ruth and Nathan Hale were married. Our install team and all of us here at Poll Sound are honored to be able to help continue the legacy. Now, go see a show (or two), you won't be disappointed.

Helping to Continue the Legacy Helping to Continue the Legacy Helping to Continue the Legacy

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