Sales Team - Four Items You Should Look At

Posted by: - on October 3, 2017

The evolution of technology constantly fuels the fire of "new and improved" products in the A/V industry. In the midst of all the new releases, there are usually some particularly helpful and even exciting pieces of gear. However, with so many products, it is easy to overlook or miss completely some items that could be the solution you need right now. In no particular order, here are four products we think you should take a look at: 

1. DPA d:vice

DPA is well known for their accurate, and high-quality microphones. This new product they call d:vice, allows you to record amazing sound by connecting one or two DPA microphones to a small disc shaped recorder. Journalists are now using their smartphones to capture the news since they are capable of taking high quality pictures and videos. The component that is missing is the high-quality audio. The DPA d:vice provides this solution at a very modest price. It only works with the iphone, but integrates seamlessly with the native video, or other third-party apps. Applications are not limited to journalism, and a little imagination will spark other uses for this little gem.  

Here is a link to the DPA website where you can see more: 

2. Sennheiser Team Connect Wireless

Sennheiser is calling this, "next-generation audio conferencing". Many spaces do not have installed audio conferencing gear. Team Connect Wireless provides the first portable wireless conference system for online meetings. In addition to its ease of use, it has multiple connectivity options, fast setup, and provides high audio quality. I know it sounds too good to be true, but believe us, it's worth looking at. There are configuration options to fit your requirements, and just might be something you have been waiting for.  

Click this link to see more information: 

3. Klipsch R15 PM

I know what you are thinking, another powered desktop speaker. But before you pass these by, take a look at some of the features:

- 1 x pair of RCA phono level inputs with switch for Phono/Line input versatility (Phono Pre-amp with ground screw terminal) 
- 1 x USB digital audio from a PC or Mac single RCA line level output for connection to sub.  
- 1 x Digital optical 
- 1 x 3.5mm mini jack line level 
- Bluetooth® wireless technology 
- Full featured IR remote 

Most importantly they sound great, and are reasonably priced. Come in and listen for yourself.  

Here's a link to the Klipsch website: 

4. Audio Technica ATH-M50X Professional Monitor Headphones

Even in the midst of so many headphone options out there, we feel the ATH-M50x's are worth mentioning. They feature the same sonic signature as the coveted ATH-M50's, but now offer detachable cables. Also, the large aperture drivers, sound isolating earcups and robust construction warrants some attention.  

Check them out here, or come in for a listen:  

Sales Team - Four Items You Should Look At Sales Team - Four Items You Should Look At Sales Team - Four Items You Should Look At

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