Education and Training

Improve the satisfaction of your audience

Training from Poll Sound can eliminate sound issues that often occur at school performances. Our sound engineers will work with your group to troubleshoot potential technical problems and ensure that the hours your students put into preparing for a play, concert or event are rewarded.

We'll walk you through the knowledge you need to use your system correctly, including basic operations, terminology and techniques. Your team will leave the training ready to respond quickly and confidently to technical issues a factor proven to improve the quality of events.

Reduce cost related to professional sound support

Teaching students how to manage sound equipment gives them valuable skills and decreases time and money spent hiring sound professionals for events.

Learn from the industry's most knowledgeable technicians

Poll Sound's staff has uncommon experience running live and theatrical audio. Our engineers have set up and mixed thousands of shows in a variety of venues, and regularly work with national acts. We are familiar with equipment, system configurations, acoustics, practical standards and sound techniques. We maintain relationships with a variety of educational institutions, and our staff regularly teaches courses at Utah Valley University and the Utah Theater Association.

We offer training for students and faculty to use school audio equipment

Poll Sound is offering a new training program to junior high and high schools seeking to improve sound quality and save money associated with professional audio management. In the program, an experienced Poll Sound audio engineer teaches students and faculty how to understand and manage sound equipment.

Training topics include:

  • Understanding system components
  • Choosing and placing microphones
  • Optimizing wireless pieces
  • Mixing consoles
  • Sound design
  • Equalizers and processing
  • Professional standards and practices for the audio industry

The courses, which are designed to help students and staff maximize the investment in audio equipment, can be customized to meet the unique needs of a school. Technicians can provide optional consulting on how to expand or improve sound systems.

Get the help you need! We've produced several in-house tutorial videos to help you better understand the audio visual equipment that you may have purchased or rented from us.

We hope that you are able to learn and fix your issues by watching these videos, please feel free to call or email us if you need further assistance; we have a friendly staff that is sure to be able to help you out with your questions.

Nuage Tutorial Videos:

Yamaha Nuage Tutorial 19 - Building a Mix - Part 2

Yamaha Nuage Tutorial 18 - Building a Mix - Part 1

Yamaha Nuage Tutorial 17 - Channel View Control - Part 2

Yamaha Nuage Tutorial 16 - Channel View Control - Part1

Yamaha Nuage Tutorial 15 - Jog Wheel Part 3 - Transport Functions

Yamaha Nuage Tutorial 14 - Jog Wheel Part 2 - Editing with the Jog Wheel

Yamaha Nuage Tutorial 13 - Jog Wheel Part 1 - Scroll, Zoom, Scrub and Shuttle

Yamaha Nuage Tutorial 12 - Channel Cue Sends

Yamaha Nuage Tutorial 11 - Channel Sends

Yamaha Nuage Tutorial 10 - Channel Dynamics

Yamaha Nuage Tutorial 9 - Channel Routing and Pre

Yamaha Nuage Tutorial 8 - Track List - Master Unit Touch Screen

Yamaha Nuage Tutorial 7 - Cues and Comm

Yamaha Nuage Tutorial 6 - Monitor Source Section

Yamaha Nuage Tutorial 5 - Brief Overview

Yamaha Nuage Tutorial 4 - User Assignable Keys

Yamaha Nuage Tutorial 3 - Equalization

Yamaha Nuage Tutorial 2 - Inserting Plug In's

Yamaha Nuage Tutorial 1 - Basic Setup Operations - Part 4 - VST Connections

Yamaha Nuage Tutorial 1 - Basic Setup Operations - Part 3 - Dante Accelerator Card Settings

Yamaha Nuage Tutorial 1 - Basic Setup Operations - Part 2 - Nuage Workgroup Manger

Yamaha Nuage Tutorial 1 - Basic Setup Operations - Part 1 - Dante Controller

Rental Gear Tutorial Videos:

Yamaha DXR Powered Loudspeaker Setup and Operation Tutorial

Crown XTi4000 Setup

Large Rental PA System Setup

Anchor Liberty Plus Sound System Setup and Operation

Anchor Beacon Sound System Setup and Operation

Yamaha Stage Pass Setup Tutorial

Mackie 1202 Setup and Operation

Shure SLX Wireless Microphone Setup

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