We provide sound systems for concerts of any size, from 25 or 25,000. We can meet any rider and support any size band or festival. Our skilled engineers can mix any type of music.


We have provided sound reinforcement at the Utah State fair every year since the 1930's. From the public announcement system to the entertainment and performances, we can cover every aspect.

Sporting Events

Basketball, football, volleyball, gymnastics, tennis, soccer, lacrosse, track meets, marathons, skateboarding, extreme mountain biking, we've covered them all. Have one that's not on the list?
We love a challenge.

Corporate Events

Business events must be polished and perfect. We offer a wide array of audiovisual equipment to help you achieve audio perfection.


When your audience can't gather in one place, we can stream your event online, either from our in house studio space or your event location.


We have techs specially trained to tune a sound system to concert quality while covering 300,000 people stretched out over a mile wide area.

By digitally mapping your venue to design the system, we ensure the best possible coverage for your entire audience.

L-Acoustics Logo

Certified Provider

We are trained and certified to deploy the highest-quality systems using the best loudspeakers in the world.

System Technicans

Our technicians specialize in tuning PA systems in all kinds of environments. We dial in every detail until it’s just right.

RF Coordination

Since the recent FCC auction, the available radio spectrum has become very congested, with less space and more devices than ever. Our RF techs can scan your environment and customize a plan for you.

Event Transportation

Our drivers take the utmost care in packing and delivering the equipment for your show, on time, every time, anywhere in the country.


While the current pandemic has drastically affected the entertainment industry. Poll Sound wants to assure their clients that all Poll Sound offices and departments remain active and available for work.

Poll Sound is actively completing current projects as well as bidding and pursuing new projects across all departments. In addition to our usual work practices we are also finding new and innovative ways to move forward in these trying times. We are now supporting live streams and drive-in events, as well as selling new items like extendable microphones and temperature-check tablets.

Though the current situation is unprecedented, Poll Sound has been in business for nearly 100 years. We have been through trying times before and we will come through this ready to go as communities reopen.

If you have an upcoming potential project, please reach out to us and we will work together to ensure success and the Audio Perfection for which Poll Sound is known.

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